Friday, May 6, 2016

❤ To One Strong and Beautiful Woman ❤

If I could give you diamonds for every tear you've cried;

If I could give you sapphires for each truth you've helped me see; 

If I could give you rubies for the heartache that you've known; 

If I could give you pearls for the wisdom you have shown;

Then you would have a treasure, Mother, that would mount up to the skies;

That would almost match the sparkle in your kind and loving eyes;

But I have no pearls, no diamonds, as I'm sure you're well aware; 

So I'll give you gifts more precious,

My devotion love and care. 

 - Author Unknown

I Love You to the Moon and Back 

Auguri mamma.

ps - This is my 100th post!! Yay!


  1. Grazie figlia Mia ❤️🙏
    Sei il diamante ( your Birt Stone ) Della Mia vita 🌸❤️
    I love you from the moon and back and all universe ❤️
    May you be blessed with all you wish for and all the happiness and good health that you deserve 🙏💕

  2. Oh this is so sweet. Better than any gift in a package.

    Happy Mother's Day and Happy 100th post.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Thoughts of Home. :)

  3. Bellissimo e meritato post mamma maria Teresa. I' m crying

  4. Hi Silvana, what a beautiful post. You are truly blessed to have such a dear mother.
    Enjoy the weekend and Happy 100th post.
    Blessings, xo

  5. This is an inspirational post.
    Congratulations on your 100th post!
    Thank you for being at TOHOT.
    We are glad you are here.

  6. just beautiful! brought tears to my eyes! <3

  7. Delle foto stupende che profumano d'amore.....auguri di cuore!