Monday, April 10, 2017

Birthday Weekend Recap

Last week I turned 35... I was dreading this day because as of April 5th 2017 I am in an entirely new age range...Let me explain: I am a huge fan of Sex and the City and I own the entire dvd collection and never get sick of the show even after all these years.  I also know for a fact that Carrie's actual house is not really where they say it is and I know this because I dragged my mother and my boyfriend all over the Upper East Side looking for it last summer thus eventually finding out that the actual brownstone is located in Greenwich Village on the complete opposite side of the city...  Needless to say they were pretty mad at me by the end of the day and I had to listen to my mother say over and over again that I was trying to kill her by making her walk so much... ANYWAYS, I distinctly remember the episode (Season 4 - episode 1) in which Carrie turns 35 and she talks about checking the age box when filling out forms.... and that was all I could think about for the entire week... Yeah so, I switched boxes. Not cool. 

Anyways... aside from some temporary tears and depression... my sweetheart made a real effort in trying to lift my spirits and for this I will be forever grateful and he booked a one night stay in a Relais & Chateaux Luxury Hotel. :-)  It was truly magical! We had a spa session when we arrived and a three course candlelit dinner for two.  The Resort is located in the province of Perugia in the Umbria region.  Borgo dei Conti Resort is an estate that originated as a fortress in the twelfth century and was later inherited by Count Bernardino Rossi and his wife Countess Angelina Scotti of Perugia in the second half of the 19th century. It includes a 50 acre park with trails for hiking, a gourmet restaurant, outdoor and indoor pools and a wellness center. 

   This is the entrance to the hotel. 
Below is a picture of the entrance to the park/forest and some other pictures I took of the external grounds. 

This is the fitness area with huge windows overlooking the park. 

Inside it was a mix of modern and classic.  I personally thought that they should have stuck with the classic decor but that's my humble opinion.  I'm not too into mixing modern with baroque. However it was beautiful nonetheless. 

I absolutely fell in love with this mirror. There were so many beautiful antique mirrors. 

We stayed in the Countess suite.  At the time the Count and the Countess slept in separate rooms. The room had a gorgeous fireplace and original fresco's all around the room. 

There is also an adjoining library which was connected to the Countess and Count suites. The door pictured below is the entrance to the Counts orginal bedroom while ours was on the other side. 

The library had Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy transcribed on elephant folios which you can see pictured above. Each book contains one of the three canticas: The Inferno, The Paradiso and The Purgatory. 

This is the fireplace in the library...swoon!!

Pictured above is the restaurant which was originally the ballroom in the 800's. I had a squash risotto with truffle and pistachios. It was seriously I literally have no words to describe it other than amazing.

Then as a second course I got grilled lamb chops with an olive tapenade over sauteed zucchini...also amazing and cooked to perfection. 

I had a magical time and while I was there I forgot about all my problems and of becoming older and just enjoyed my time with my sweetheart.  We really needed a nice romantic getaway both as a couple and for each of us individually. A little TLC is necessary at times.

...And for one day I truly felt like a princess in an enchanted castle...
(no matter what age box I'm in)

Have a great week friends!




  1. Happy birthday!!!!
    What a wonderful place!!

  2. Hi Silvana, Happy Birthday my friend. What a beautiful gift for your special day to visit and stay in such a glorious place. Your pics are beautiful and I am sure you truly enjoyed your time away and so deserved it. Oh to be 35 again!!!!!! I'd be happy to check that box. haha Enjoy your new year and embrace your age my friend. Think young!! Joys to you. xo

  3. Oh, this is so very lovely!

    Wishing you a very happy, if belated, birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, my friend, and what a treat your man had in store for you! A breathtaking place to stay and the photos of the food have made me hungry!

    I was devastated when I turned thirty. Something about saying goodbye to my twenties, which were so crazy and fun! The rest has been fun but not so crazy!!! Ha!

    Jane x

  5. Hello dearest Silvana, I think that is the best way to celebrate a birthday. (Belated happy birthday!) Do not worry: If one stays healthy, the life just becomes better after that age and will continue doing so for many, many years yet!
    I have been admiring the images of your hotel and others belonging to the group. Perhaps I will find my dream hotel. I once saw an image of a hotel somewhere on the Amalfi coast (but never knew which one it was) and have been a little bit dreaming of it ever since. :)
    Thank you for the great post! Hugs!
    Wishing you a happy Easter! xx

  6. P.S. Thank you for all the lovely blog comments, Silvana!

  7. happy belated birthday! <3