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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend Getaway in Umbria

We had a long weekend here in Italy and decided to take a trip to Umbria where we stayed in a beautiful Relais in the province of Perugia. This is going to be a pretty long post so grab a cup of coffee and I hope you enjoy the pictures of the Umbria Region as much as I enjoyed being there! 

We arrived Friday evening and left yesterday morning. It was short but sweet and hopefully we'll go back this summer because it is such a beautiful place to visit. 

We stayed in a small Beauty and Wellness hotel called Villa di Monte Solare in the outskirts of Perugia. It is a villa that was once the home of an aristocratic family in the 1780's and was transformed in a luxury hotel immersed in the Umbrian countryside. 

The Hotel has only 25 rooms available. There is a spa, wellness center, two pools, tennis courts and an esteemed restaurant with a Chef that is not only really really good looking but also very talented. He came out to greet us the last night we were there and got loads of compliments from all the guests. Here are a couple of the delicious dishes that he prepared. I apologize for the bad lighting. 

This was a cream of pumpkin soup with almonds and toasted amaretto crumbs. To die for!

This was a rack of lamb with a pistachio crust that I got two nights in a row as a second course because seriously....I have never tasted anything so good in my ENTIRE life! This was outstanding!

Saturday morning I went for a run around the hotel property. I woke up at about 6:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I saw it was such a beautiful day and I wanted to take in all the fresh morning air. 

It felt so good taking in all that beauty. 

There was a beautiful abandoned stone house along my morning walk and I dreamt about fixing it up and decorating it. My dream is to own an old stone house like this one, fixing it up and blogging about it. Maybe one day...

I love stone houses and in Umbria the majority of the villas are stone. 

Later on we went to Assisi which was about a half hour drive from our Hotel. Assisi is a very characteristic town that is famous for its Basilicas.  

This is Saint Clare's Basilica where you can visit the Tomb of the Saint. 

I was able to sneak in a picture while down there. It was very touching being able to see the tomb and all the people that go there to pray and worship the Saint. 

Later we walked around the square and visited some of the shops.  I was surprised to see there were so many Americans visiting Assisi. Everywhere I turned I heard someone speaking English! 

I loved looking around all the souvenir shops. 

We walked so much that day! My legs were killing me that night.

The town is filled with so much historical and medieval architecture.

We finally made our way to the Basilica of Saint Francis which was a sight to see. 

That concluded our trip to Assisi. 

I loved the stone houses and the typical Umbrian roof tops. 

The rooftops are so pretty. 

On Easter Sunday we had a spa appointment at the hotel at 3:00pm so we decided to check out Perugia in the morning. 

Perugia is definitely a bigger city with respect to Assisi and we happened to arrive when the big Easter Antique Market was taking place. Ahh.. be still me heart! I wanted to buy ALL. THE. THINGS.

Above is the main square in Perugia. At the other end of the square is where the market was going down. I was all of a sudden in shopping mode. You know what I'm talking even if a bomb was going to drop in the middle of the Piazza and I saw something I wanted NO ONE AND NOTHING was about to stop me from getting what I wanted!

Oh those chandeliers were so beautiful!

I fell in love with these night stands and I was such an idiot for not taking them home with me! They were so beautiful up close. This picture does not do them justice... 

I was in heaven here!

Aren't those old irons adorable?

I debated on whether or not to take home those plates but I decided not too. I wasn't pleased with the asking price and the guy wouldn't budge.. 

This is what I bought from the market in Perugia. 

I bought this set of six crystal Vintage Champagne coupes which are just beautiful. One of the glasses has a little chip on it so I was able to get a good price. 

Here they are in my hutch. 

Then I found a big green vintage glass bottle that I have been looking everywhere for and I finally found it for 10€!

I've been collecting wine corks just so I can put them in a bottle just like this one and I finally found it! Now I have to rinse it out and finally fill it up with my corks :-)

That pretty much sums up my Easter weekend. It was rough going back to work and getting into the routine again even if it was just three days. 

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend as well and I wish you a great week ahead.