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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Contemplations - Aging Gracefully

Ever since I turned 30 I have been more conscious about the laugh lines around my nose and mouth, about the wrinkle that I have in between my forehead when I frown, the wrinkles around my eyes (even though I don't really have many of them YET (Thank God!)...

When I was in my 20's I didn't care at all about lines and wrinkles. It was the blemishes that tortured my existence unfortunately! Now that I finally got that under control I'm preoccupied with puffiness, bags, fine lines and wrinkles, oh my!

If I don't get enough sleep, I look like crap....if I drink too much sparkling white wine (my favorite!) I'm bloated... If for some reason  I don't wash off my makeup it's disaster central!

None of these things have ever happened to me when I was in my 20's and I figure that from now on it's just going to get worse...YAY for me (not)! 

I was watching the Golden Globe Awards on TV the other day. They showed it on cable TV here in Italy and I saw so many actors that I haven't seen in ages actually on live TV! When you see them in movies you can't really tell what they look like in real life because, well, they're acting...whereas in an awards ceremony you can kind of see what they look like now. 

Wow! They all looked amazing! Like....a little TOO amazing if you know what I mean. The women all looked great but the botox was mostly evident in the men believe it or not. Like Christian Slater (who I adored when I was growing up) looked like his eyebrows were reaching for the sky! 

Sly Stalone! My other love...

What is going on???

Ok so you get the picture...

What are my thoughts? I am not against a little botox here and there....Heck, I'm even considering it (for my smile lines only though). I totally understand the pressure that these people must go through to preserve their "fortune", but we all are going to age eventually and I just think that at some point you'll have to just let it go. 

I'm a huge fan of Kate Hudson. I think she's awesome. I love Goldie Hawn as well but when I saw Kate on the Golden Globes she looked so different. And honestly I don't think it was necessary just yet. 


Then there's another factor... you have to know where to go. These actors and actresses go to the best estheticians and plastic surgeons in Hollywood and sometimes THEY don't even turn out well! So who knows? 

What I do know is that I look my best when I:

1)  Get 8+ hours of sleep at night

2) Don't eat a lot of carbs before going to bed

3) Drink lots and lots of water

4) Exercise regularly (even just walking 30 minutes a day)

5) Don't drink too much wine (particularly the white wine)

6) Moisturize my face every morning and night

7)  Another thing that I have benefited greatly from is using jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer

I was skeptical about using it because I immediately thought oil + face = BAD but that's not true with this oil it actually helps keep blemishes away and at the same time helps with the fine lines. You can also use it as an eye makeup remover. I'm addicted to the stuff just make sure if you use it, it's organic. 

So now let's end this Friday Contemplation post with celebs who say NO to botox. Article found here.

Emma Thompson, 55

Emma Thompson

Diane Keaton, 68

Diane Keaton

Julia Roberts, 47

Julia Roberts (not too sure though :-/)

Lauren Hutton, 71

Lauren Hutton 

Jamie Lee Curtis, 56

Jamie Lee Curtis

Julianne Moore, 53

Julianne Moore

Salma Hayek, 48

Salma Hayek

Sigourney Weaver, 65

Sigourney Weaver

Jodi Foster, 52

Jodi Foster

My hat goes off to these beautiful and strong women!

Have a great weekend everyone <3

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Fashion Inspiration

My closet is a mess right now... I have boxes with my winter clothes still waiting to be switched out with my summer clothes... I have summer sandals that I'm not wearing anymore waiting to be put away and it's just overwhelming because I HAVE A LOT OF SHOES and not a lot of storage so my summer shoes go in the garage. This is the thing I hate doing the most. The winter/summer switch out. Ahhhhh I want to scream every time. I really need a walk in closet like this one....seriously...


Ok maybe in my dreams.
This is Gisele Bundchen's walk in closet by the way. Swoon...

I put it off and put it off until it's basically not possible to get dressed any more. I know, it's bad. I'm very organized in certain things and in other things I'm so unorganized. I find a lot of inspiration from Jen from I Heart Organizing. She's incredible... I don't know how she does it!

One thing that I truly love is fall fashion. I love boots and ponchos and over-sized wool sweaters and scarves and that's the main thing that motivates me to get my closet organized for the season. Today I want to share some classic fall staples that I love.


I love ponchos. They are elegant and at the same time they are great at hiding flaws and are oh so comfy. I wear them for most of the season and when it gets really chilly I like to wear a lighter coat like a trench underneath and a poncho on top. It doesn't get that cold here so I can pull it off. I love that look.

I thought this was cute "Celebs who poncho". I really like the one Jessica Simpson is wearing.


I have a love/hate relationship with boots. I love them but I have such a hard time finding the exact ones that I want. I have all kinds of boots in all kinds of colors and styles but I always seem to be looking for a certain style that I CAN NEVER FIND!

When I first see a pair that I like in a store I take them home, wear them once and then realize that I don't like them anymore. I usually end up taking them back and getting a new pair where the cycle repeats itself...

The perfect boot for me is leather with a 3 - 4 inch heel.The color I prefer is dark brown. I have an image in my mind of the perfect brown leather boot that I cannot find ANYWHERE. I've searched high and low but nothing. I'll find a boot that is close to what I want but it's never IT.


The boot of my dreams is similar to this one BUT the heel is about one inch lower, the color is a dark brown and it has no wedge. You would think it would be easy to find, but you would be wrong...

Something like this maybe but with a lower heel and a lower calf leg. I used to wear high heels all the time but I just can't anymore. The tallest heel I wear now is about 3 inches. Any taller than that and I am just too uncomfortable.

Ok anyways, moving on...
Classic turtleneck sweaters...
Turtlenecks never go out of style. According to the Huffington Post layering with turtlenecks is the trend for NY Fashion Week for Fall 2015.


This classic fall staple has been around for so long and it never gets old. I like them because the are versatile and comfortable but classy at the same time.
So I guess I'm kind of pumped for my wardrobe switch out... not really though... I still really want Gisele's closet.

I love this outfit. I feel like navy blue is a beautiful fall color that doesn't get much attention.
Fall Makeup Colors...
I love the autumn colors especially the dark brown eye shadows and nude lipsticks.  I like to focus more on my eye makeup and I don't wear much lipstick but a good nude lip color is a must have I think.


And to conclude this Fall Inspiration Post, I'll leave you with this gorgeous image of a Leonid Afremov painting entitled Romantic Moment  <3

 Aren't those colors beautiful?